Catholic Institutions

Niveditha (Institute for Religious Formation and Fellowship)

Niveditha (etymologically means consecrated) is an Institute for Religious Formation and Fellowship is founded by late Antony Cardinal Padiyara, former Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly in 1996 at Chunangamvely. Niveditha serves as a common formation house. Adopting an integrated approach to formation, it offers a variety of theological, spiritual and psycho–social programmes with the objective of empowering the religious, especially the women religious. All the more the presence of Bp. Thomas Chakiath, Bishop Emeritus, the founder of Niveditha, gives special attention to the founding vision and mission of Niveditha. The centre will give all the facilities for individual guided retreats, and group prayer programs of religious sisters. We have the accommodation capacity for 160 persons. This institute is open for groups to conduct their retreats, seminars and study classes.

KRIPA CMI ( Training institute for Differently Abled)

KRIPA – (Kerala Rehabilitation Institute for the Physically Affected) - The international year for the handicapped, 1981 gave this sacred inspiration to the CMI priests of Sacred Heart Province, Rajagiri, Kalamassery, Kochi, and a few leading citizens of the greater Cochin area to start this noble venture. It is a registered Charitable Society (ER 173/81) under the Travancore – Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955. It was formally inaugurated on 26th December 1981 by Shri. Mallikarjun, the then Deputy Minister for Education, Social Welfare & Culture, Government of India. The Sacred Heart Province of CMI Congregation at Rajagiri, provides the personnel and infrastructural support for KRIPA’s ongoing activities.

Mithradham (CMI Training Center for Renewable Energy)

Renewable Energy Centre, Mithradham, is the first fully renewable energy powered educational institution in India dedicated solely for the promotion of environment and renewable energy. The centre was established in 1996 under the Sacred Heart (S.H.) Province, Kochi of the Carmelite of Mary Immaculate (CMI) congregation, an indigenous religious congregation involved in educational sector. Mithradham is the only educational institution of the CMIs dedicated to the new and renewable energy technologies. It is committed to take a sustainable path in its journey in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi. The centre is autonomous in energy, food and management of waste

Rajagiri Hospital

Rajagiri Hospital is an ambitious initiative from the renowned Rajagiri (CMI) group of institutions based in the pristine State of Kerala (India) to provide state of the art healthcare services. The idea is to bring the highest standards of expertise and skill involved in the treatment of patients, using the most advanced and sophisticated instrument techniques available currently in the world and to bring the benefit of these at affordable rates to the common man. The new Rajagiri campus for ‘Rajagiri Healthcare and Education Project’ will be a well laid out, sprawling 40-acre green landscape in the serene setting of Chunangamvely.

Agustin Nivas Old Age Home (Managed by Holy Spirit Sisters)

On 28th November 1994 sisters opened a Home for the Aged called "Augustine Nivas' under Shantidham Society. Here, senior citizens both male and female, above 60 years are received and taken care of. The centre is a paid home and is providing the best of the services to the inmates.

Catholic Congregation of The Blind, Center for Woman-CCB (Managed by CMC Sisters)

CCB, an institution that caters to the spiritual and intellectual requirements of the blind women, started to function in Chunangamvely on 9th February 1998. The inmates who are served by the CMC nuns pray for the world through their intercession and through studying the Bible they aspire for spiritual growth.

Vimal Jyothi Renewal Centre (Managed by CMC Sisters)

On 28 November 2012, in loving Providence of God the most high CMC Vimal Jyothi Renewal Centre started as retreat centre for the faith formation of people of God. In the beginning, complete attention was on Christeen retreats for the students. Along with that monthly retreats, First Friday convention, First Saturday Night Vigil, Spiritual Accompaniment, Campus ministry etc. are also being conducted for the fast-changing world to expunge new problems of the family, youth and students. Famous preachers and CMC sisters are leading the various services.

St. Joseph's U. P. School Chunangamvely

St. Joseph's U. P. School Chunangamvely serves as the academia of enlightenment which laid the cornerstone in the cultural and regional evolution of the province. In 1940, the efforts of Rev. Fr. Varghese Kavalakkaattu, the then Vicar of St. Joseph’s Church Chunangamvely, bore fruit when the school started to function as a Lower Primary School under the church. In 1950, the school was granted government approval. In the year 1955, the managerial responsibility of the school was legally transferred over to the S. D. congregation. The school was upgraded as Upper Primary in the year 1976 and a nursery was also initiated under the school in 2005. This institution enables more than 1500 students, from grade I to VII, in enriching themselves with wisdom, faith, and sanctity. Every child, irrespective of their caste and religion are welcomed to this world of wisdom with appreciable facilities like library, smart classes, computer lab, dance, karate, yoga training, school bus facilities, a beautiful garden, and spacious play area. St. Joseph’s U. P. School, which along with the academic excellence of the students ensures the growth of children in activities like arts and sports, has remained emblematic of the pride of Chunangamvley for years.

Jyothi Public School

Jyothi Public School was established in 2003 and it is managed by MCBS Educational Trust. It is located in Nalam Mile, Chunangamvely. School got its affiliation to CBSE Delhi on 11th January 2013. The school consists of Grades from 1 to 10 and English is the medium of instructions in this school. The school is Co-educational and it has an attached pre-primary section. The school has a library consisting of 2000 books and a computer aided learning lab. This School is counted among the top-rated Schools in Kerala with an excellent academic track record.

Joe Mount Public School

The school was established in 2008. The very name Joe Mount has been derived from St Josephs Mount which was given by the Venerable Fr.Varghese Payapilly, the founder of the congregation of the Sisters of the Destitute by whom the school was established and managed. School got its affiliation to CBSE Delhi on 12 May 2015. School is Co-educational and the motto of the school is “Let Your Light Shine”. The main aim of the school is to provide a full liberal and comprehensive education so as to develop in the child a sound character and a fine personality. The school consists of Grades from 1 to 10 and English is the medium of instructions in this school. The school has an attached pre-primary section.